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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome to The Reporter's Innovation Blog

Over the past few months, The Reporter has been experimenting with new ways to cover the news in our community. This has evolved into readers taking a greater part in the news gathering process and in some cases taking over the process. We would like to show that off here.

Welcome to The Reporter's Innovation Blog. 

Here, we will post interesting items that the community has posted to social media outlets, blogs and more including how the community and our newsroom covered the winter snow storms using the #BucksMontSnow hashtag on Twitter.

We'll also post items similar to how The Reporter crowdsourced the communities reactions when West Borough Baptist announced that they would be picketing a local funeral.

This is only the beginning of our Innovation Blog. As we (The Reporter, the community and the Community Media Lab) develop new ways to cover the news, this blog will develop too. 

Have something that could be posted here?  Leave a comment or email us at

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