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Monday, April 9, 2012

Join The Reporter's Kitchen Challenge

Do you often find ways to throw together a last-minute meal? Do you spend extensive amounts of time in front of your fridge or pantry closet looking through available ingredients, thinking of ways to prepare a great dish for you or your family?

Then you are qualified for The Reporter's Kitchen Challenge.

Each month, we'll provide four to five ingredients and ask you to write back with how you would prepare a meal using those ingredients. Creations can include other ingredients but the listed ingredients should be highlighted in the dish as the main ingredients.

At the beginning of each month, the best answers will be used on and in the paper.

Remember, meals do not actually have to be prepared but if you have chosen to prepare the meal, please take a few photos and email them to with "Kitchen Challenge" in the subject line.

Ingredients list

This month's ingredients are:

1. Italian sausage
2. Garlic cloves
3. Swiss chard
4. Maple syrup

This dish must be an appetizer.

Tips for writing your answer

In paragraph form:

1. Start by describing the dish you plan to create and be sure to mention why you have chosen this dish. For example, which of the ingredients sparked the idea for this dish?

2. Next, tell us how you are preparing each ingredient. Are you frying the ingredient? What seasonings, if any will you add during the preparation process?

3. Finally, what should someone who might try the dish expect to taste? Which ingredients will go together well? For example, how will sweet or spicy ingredients blend together? Is there a certain way or specific order in which someone should eat the dish?

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