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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A visual look at Obama, Boehner addresses

Last night, we had a live video feed of the President's address about the looming debt crisis. Following both the president's and House Speaker John Boehner's rebuttal, Reporter staff were able to provide a different side of the addresses -- a visual look at the text of each address.

We visited, a free online tool that allows users to paste text from a document or speech to generate a "word cloud." Word clouds are a visual image that displays how often words are used in the text you provide.

In this instance, we used the text of President Barack Obama's address.
President Obama's address

The words that Obama used most often appear larger in the word cloud while words used less often appear smaller.Read full speech at

The clouds can say a lot about a speech or text. When "America" is a larger word, one can assume that this was a patriotic speech depending on the context and speaker.

Speaker Boehner's Rebuttal

Read full rebuttal at

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