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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to be the first to find out about local news - 5 Reporter SMS services

Here in The Reporter newsroom, our priority is to be accurate and fast when alerting the public to breaking news.

When a funnel cloud rose over Lansdale a few weeks ago, we sent out a text alert letting subscribers know about which roads to avoid. We've also alerted the public to developing crime stories and more with the priority that our subscribers should be the first to know about what is happening in our region.Below are five of our SMS alert services. To subscribe, simply text the corresponding code to 22700.

Local News
This service provides subscribers with the latest breaking news information as it happens. If you want to know about local school board decisions, national breaking news and crime and traffic alerts text "LANnews" to 22700.

Daily Weather
This service is particularly helpful to readers and we've received a lot of good feedback. Have the day's weather sent to your phone by texting "LANweather" to 22700.

Sports News
Our sports department excels in covering our local teams while keeping up with national sports breaking news. When you text "LANsports" to 22700, subscribers will receive information on breaking game scores and related sports news.

Phillies News
Are you a Phillies fan (do we have to ask)? Text "Phillies" to 22700 to receive scores and breaking news about the Phils.

Eagles News
Eagles fans will enjoy our new Eagles news service. Just text "Eagles" to 22700 to receive the latest news on Eagles training camp and the upcoming season.

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